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Extended Video Wall

The flexible LED Video Wall system

Fast – Flexible – Stand-Alone

As an event organiser, company or organisation, you will not find a better, faster or less complicated solution for large video transmissions. We not only claim it, we are happy to prove to you in words, images and actions – with the EVIWA LED Video Wall system.

For every EVENTuality

In summer or winter, by day or night ...

The flexible EVIWA system is the number one large video wall solution for public viewing, open-air concerts and other large-scale events. Equipped with an integrated video and audio control room and cameras for live transmissions “on the fly” (EVIWA 30), you have options for all eventualities and, among other things, you also save on the purchase or application of additional high-cost technology.


  • Promotional vehicle
  • Road shows
  • Sport events
  • Concerts
  • Rallies and meetings
  • Traffic control display system/traffic plan
  • Display panels for traffic plan/traffic control
  • Fairs and presentations



Staatsbesuch von Barack Obama in Berlin

Major state visits EVIWA technology was even used during a visit by the American president, Barack Obama.

Perfekt geeignet für's Public Viewing

Big screen events during world cup tournaments in particular call for championship-level picture size and quality!

Hauptversammlung, Tagungen

The EVIWA systems are perfectly suited for general meetings, conferences, and indoor events. The uncoupled containers are stand-alone and unobtrusive. The systems can be quickly assembled and disassembled.

Eviwa im Einsatz auf einem Musikfestival

Music festivals How many attendees will you really have? How useful if you had the flexibility to adapt accordingly, without any risks.

What do you need?

The right solution to suit your purpose!


Whether it is a system with an integrated control room (EVIWA 30) or with an extendable screen as required (EVIWA 60), you can purchase or hire the EVIWA system of your choice to suit the requirements of your event or, as a retailer or sales partner, make suitable recommendations to your customers. The EVIWA 'Mobile LED Video Wall' cannot be beaten on quality, price and performance.

Eviwa 22

eviwa 22

  • 6 x 3,5 meters
  • 21 sqm projection
  • total weight 3500 kg
  • picture formats: 16/9
Eviwa 30

eviwa 30

  • ca. 7,5 x 4 meters
  • 30sqm projection
  • integrated video and audio director
  • picture formats: 16/9 and portrait
Eviwa 60

eviwa 60

  • ca. 10,5 x 5,8 meters
  • up to 60sqm projection
  • enlargeable locally
  • Picture formats: 16/9 or 16/10 and portrait
TÜV geprüft

All EVIWA LED-Videowalls are TÜV approved!

What does the EVIWA system require?

Nothing but a set-up space!


The EVIWA systems are completely stand-alone and all-in-one systems.
Even the power supply is 'on board'!

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